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How To Prevent Nodules?

I am 3 weeks into SubQ Test injections and I have a lot to learn, a lot of questions and a lot of concerns.

First - The “doctor” that got me on it I think is a quack so I will be switching to Defy Medical shortly. I know I’ll get lots of comments about how I need a new doctor… I know. that’s the plan.

I had low T, I took natural supplements like Tribulus, etc, and got up to a 370. I finally went to this shady outfit who put me on T cream, an AI and HCG. Nothing worked but the AI and my estrogen plummeted to less than 1, hair is falling out, putting on fat, no libido, puffy water weight, etc. I stopped that and started injections.

I’m 3 weeks into SubQ injections every Monday an Thursday. The first few went fine but the last 2 in a row (i alternated sides) didn’t go so well. I inject in between my navel and my love handles. The first one on the left side was fine for 2 days then hurt like hell, lumped up and got hard. Now the second side is lumped up and doesn’t hurt but itches like a bug bite and is red in about a 3" circle.

I’m using 27g, 1/2 needles.

Am I doing something wrong? The first side is slowly going back down but has been almost a week. No bruising, just a perfect red circle.

What to do? I have so many TRT questions and the more I read the more I realize I don’t know. The only thing I know is it takes patience and Defy is good so… I plan on continuing and going with them so at least I know I’m in good hands.

How well are you swabbing the injection site? Are you drawing multiple time from one vial? If so, are you swabbing the top of the vial before you draw? These questions probably do not matter, probably you have developed a reaction to the oil being used in the suspension and most likely will have to request a different oil on future supplies.

Thank you. I swab the injection site and the top of the bottle with separate wipes and let both dry before injecting. (my brother is diabetic so I knew the importance of this.) The oil is sesame seed oil.

I got nodules when on peptides which requires you to inject subQ, you want to inject subQ you’ll have to learn to live with nodules every now and again. IM injections don’t have this problem.

Switch to grapeseed oil and they’ll likely be a thing of the past.

The redness does not sound good. Cottonseed oil has been the one most have issues with.
I no longer stick myself around my navel that area got sensitive for some reason. I am now going to either love handle just about 90 degrees from my navel. I touch the skin with the needle if I feel no stick I just push it straight in. I usually pull up a wad of skin since my love handles are quite small these days and I do want to stick my oblique muscles. My dose is .20ml M/W/F I have never had a bump or red mark doing it this way. Give it a try what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working very well.
Also with your 27ga 1/2" needle give your front or mid delt a try. That would be IM not subQ but it is surprizingly painless as well.
Best of luck to you.

Inject i.m

Thanks for the advice. I figure there are many people doing SubQ so there has to be a way to do it without getting nodules on every one. How does a 1/2 into the delt go? I’ve never done I.M.