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How to Prevent Gyno from Coming Back?

So ive got pubertal gyno surgery 7 weeks ago… im 31 and have had it since I can remember so im afraid of it coming back for whatever reason even though Im natural! Ive always read that if u start to get gyno while on cycle taking an AI can reverse it if its taken care of in time! Will it work with natural gyno too in case it will show up again?? I want to know as a way to prevent it from coming back even if the docs said its very rare unless I mess with hormones

First what kind of surgery did you get? Did they remove the gland or did they basically do lipo suction? (Or do they cut the fat out, idk)

An AI is an Aromatase Inhibitor. There is this enzyme out bodies produce that attacks the testosterone molecule and breaks it down into estrogen. If we take to much we can eliminate all estrogen from our system and then we feel like shit. We do want some Estrogen just not too much.

We also have these things called SERMs and that stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. The SERMs act like estrogen and bind to the receptors so real estrogen can not. A SERM is actually the preferred way of dealing with gyno issues when we are not on cycle like during PCT. The main two are Nolvadex and Clomid, I prefer Nolvadex. A lot of other guys prefer it too, it has less side effects and is stronger per mg than Clomid.

Provided the surgery didn’t remove the gland then if you do have issues I would use a SERM first. Trust me when I say you do not want to over use any AI.

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Thanks a lot for the very well explained reply!
Ive had my gland out by public medical insurance in Italy, i think they cut some fat too to avoid the sunken hole from removing the gland but its still swollen to some degree to tell for sure! I know that if I lift my arms overhead the nipple is completely flat and chest look better than before!
So in case I start to notice something weird and the doc says it may be gyno again nolvadex could reverse and resolve it (of course if taken care the quickest I can)

I had gyno surgery gland/fat removal from one of the best gyno surgeons in the biz and it did come back but not very visible. The chance of it returning for you is very low but tamoxifen can be used to reverse it if it does with little side effects (at 20mg or less a day). I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if it does come back it would be very minimal. Keeping body fat low helps.

If they took out the gland then there should be no way for the gyno to come back. It’s the gland that gets stimulated by the estrogen and grows the gyno. I have thought about the surgery myself just as a preventative measure. When I looked into it basically they usually take out almost all of the gland, that way there isn’t a sunken area below the nipple. So from what you described it sounds like that’s what they might have done for you. I would find out for sure, just ask the doctor. I would do a little research before asking because as I have found when you ask a complex question to a professional and they don’t know 100% of the answer then they try to talk over your head so you can’t ask anything else. It’s like they get scared that you are asking something they should know (when no one can know everything) so they try to cover it up by talking circles. Heck for all I know when if they do usually just take out most of the gland then what they leave might be completely deactivated and unable to grow gyno, idk. Common thought process leads me to believe that if the gland is responsible for the growth then removing the gland equals no possibility of growth, but I am not a doctor.

Ive actually asked that question to the surgeon before the surgery and he said to avoid the possibility of gyno ever coming back the nipple must be removed… I asked him to remove as much gland as possible of course so yeah, it can come back but usually if its pubertal kind its very rare unless u have some hormonal problems (he mentioned prolactin mostly).

They removed my nipples. Imagine cutting a quarter size hole out of a silver dollar and then sewing the outer edges of the hole together forming a new nipple (looks like I was born that they did so good of a job). It still came back. It’s virtually impossible for them to know if they got every single bit of gland out without slicing your whole chest open and having a giant scar (my incision was under the arm pits). Plus with every minute in the OR costing the hospital $$$+ they do as much as they can. Like everything in life it ain’t perfect but it’s better than not having surgery by a gazillion. After surgery it’ll never be as bad as it was but it can come back to a certain extent although it’s unlikely.

I’ve noticed in several threads your knowledge on gyno. Any idea how easy/hard the procedure is if it’s literally just the puffy nipple type? I have maybe a half marble sized amount behind each nipple. If I am cold, or just simply lightly pinch my nipple or even just touch it, my nipples will shrink and sit flat. Normally though, they’re poking out slightly. I scratch them over my shirt just to make them shrink up.

Curious if you’ve heard anything of the sort. Mine is from puberty. Actually thinking about seeing a few surgeons, but zero plans to fix until I decide I am done with AAS.

I wish there was a one time injection they could do that just keeps my nipples in the smaller/flatted stage. My chest looks 100% normal when they’re like that.

You can try tamoxifen and see if it helps. The surgery is super easy. Since a big portion of the cost is anesthesia you can save more than half the cost by requesting local anesthesia. Making a $5k-8k surgery a $2k surgery. The doc makes the same amount either way and it saves them lots of time.

The surgery is quick and you’ll have to wear a compression vest for a couple weeks afterwards. I went to work the day after the surgery. It feels like you did a super hard chest day. Sore but bearable. I’d recommend it to anyone with the means to afford it. It was life changing for me. Mine was pubertal as far as I know but I took Paxil at around 15 years old that had major effects on me so I’m not ruling that out. Good luck dude

Be sure you choose a doc that has done lots of gyno procedures and ask him how he does them. That will tell you a lot

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When I say pubertal, that’s actually what I was referring to. I have heard and seen enough to believe, that antibiotics as well as some anti depressants all can be partly responsible.
My doctor even told me that they see it extremely often, and although it is supposed to go away during puberty, the use of such drugs seems to correlate strongly to the body not clearing it after or during puberty.

Mine is so minor, that I scratch my chest softly one time and my nipples retract and look great. So I’ve never sought surgery. I am however at the point where I’d like to not be self conscious about it. I keep telling myself if I can get to 210-215 and 10%, I’ll be satisfied, stop AAS and have the surgery as a reward. Haha.

I always appreciate reading your posts about this, as well as other topics.

Thanks man! Yeah that’ll be a good motivator for hitting your goals. Good idea

Can I ask who your surgeon was? I’ve had pubescent gyno since I turned 12. Even though I can disguise it by stayin very lean it’s starting to be tiresome and want to get it removed and finally eat lol.

I used Dr Metzner out of New Orleans. He was the one that came up with going through the arm pit so there’s no visible scarring. This was over 15 years ago and I doubt he still practices. Check out the forums for people that have gyno. There are tons of doc reviews and honest assessments with pics after a year so you can really see how it turns out. There are many great docs these days especially since it’s a more common surgery. Be sure they do glandular removal and lipo. One or the other is not good enough. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Ok thanks