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How to Prevent Feeling Nauseous After Eating Too Much?


Hi guys, im attempting a bulking diet program for the next thirty days (before i enlist as a paratrooper). I have a super high metabolism and im trying to get rid of my stick arms. Problem is, whenever I dramatically increase my food intake, I feel like vomiting after. Yea, no shit, right? Well to compound that problem, if i dont eat up to that point, i dont even gain a single pound. Thats literally why im so skinny. While starting this bulking program Ive felt like vomiting twice in the past two days. So what the fuck do i do haha, just suck it up? Any suggestions?
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I was super skinny and had to force myself to eat enough for years to gain weight. But honestly, I don’t think a 30-day bulk before enlisting is a good idea. You’re just gonna pile on fat that will melt off anyway during training.

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Yeah, a 30 day bulk should result in about two to three pounds. Anything over that is going to pure lard.

I’d focus on whatever training you’ll be doing when you enlist and use these 30 days to prepare for that.


What’s your current height and weight?

Like the guys said, a very-short term bulk/binge rarely works. I’d say unless you’re young, tall, underweight, and lean, then you’re better off with a different approach that you can actually maintain.

In terms of feeling like yakking, part of that comes with the territory of getting your calories in, and it’s why most guys end up eating inconsistently and then wonder why the scale isn’t moving.

Liquid calories can definitely help. It’s easier and faster to drink 800 calories in a whole milk-protein powder-peanut butter shake than it is to eat 6 eggs and 3 slices of toast. Digestive aids like papaya/pineapple extract can also help to make sure you’re actually breaking down and absorbing the nutrition.

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Eggs and toast sound great! I’d be hungry again in 1-2 hours though.


Put some beans on top, and you’re onto a winner.


I’d ask questions in the combat forums but the usual advice is just focus on ace’ing your PT tests and become a pushup and chin up machine etc… extra weight will not help with this.

Basic training will build you up a bit, then once over you can rebound and putt on mass overnight if eat big and hit the gym

Bank your sleep these next few weeks also