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How to present my argument better...

I have been trying to convince ppl on this other forum about the benefits of High GI carbs and protein after training. But there is the vitus who keeps insiting that this will lead to insulin insensitivity and general fatness he also insists that just some whey after workout is enuf to raise insulin to catabolism blocking levels (cant be right!)… How do i help the ppl who are so lost!

Tell this dude to post a pic of himself so all can see if his theories hold any water.

Also, the best way to prove any theories is to just do 'em and see how they affect you. Trust me, arguing on a internet forum is pretty futile unless you have the backup equipment, i.e. physique and experience to show that the theories work.

Yeah, CaptnJ, I like Patricia’s answer, “Let he who has the best physique win!”

Even though there’s argument that it is best not to try and teach a pig to sing, that you and the pig will both be happier, if you still wish to make argument, I’d start by reading JB’s “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II. You’ll find plenty of scientific argument to support your position in those two articles.

Additionally, read up on the following subject on Google, “non-insulin-mediated glucose uptake + exercise,” without the quotes, of course.

Because we all know that the biggest guys are always those with the best training/nutrition protocols. Ugh.

Kill him with your grammar. :slight_smile:

“Argueing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you’re still a retard”

I agree, why even bother arguing. I’d respond to him with something like: “yeah, I knew a guy once who took carbs after a workout and he died.” (NOTE this sarcasm also works well with protein and juice, but you have to at least PRETEND to be serious)

The lab I’m in has shown this positive effect strongly enough that if someone wants to apply their ignorance, just respond with subtle sarcasm. It’s the only way I survive with all the bullshit that people throw out.


Thanks for all the replies. and TT i DID read those articles by JB…thats how i know the truth hehe (thanks anyway) DB i do like the saracsm… hehe its my prefered method as well. My concern is for the newbies on the board who may not know the difference btw scarcasm and truth. Patricia, thanks also. You are prob right as well. The guy sounds like a soy boy… hehe he pointed me to this forum as proof. Its called nutri-forefront Guys take a look there and see the stuff that passes for training “information” these days. Sadly its hosted by some people from my home country of Singapore. You see why you dont hear our national anthem at the olympics…


DB, help me out. What does LMAO stand for? I know it probably starts with “Laughing Madly,” but the A’s got me stuck.

LMAO = laughing my ass off.

LMAO (Laughing my ass off)

It was an honor helping you TT. Most likely the only time I will be able too. :frowning:

Well, jonez68, I guess everyone is LMAO (or LTAO) at my question, huh?

Hey, I’m glad you could help me out, too! We all have something to contribute, as you so ably proved.

Thanks, MD! (wink)

I hope BillyBoy’s comment was not meant to be taken seriously, and even if it was just a joke I don’t think it is called for. Many “special olympians” have physical disabilities and not just mental disabilities. If you were a couch potato most of your life, were struck by drunken driver at age 36, lost one arm and one lower-leg and rather than sentence yourself to death decided to use it as inspiration to change your life and get up off your ass and start training for and finishing an Ironman Triathlon, then I feel you deserve a shit-load of respect for your achievement. This is not fictional, but based on what happened 3 years ago to a good friend of mine. If you want to experience the true essence of sport, and the essence of what the Olympics are supposed to stand for, then you should give the Special Olympics a chance and more of your respect.

Whoa loop!
Righteous indignation anyone? Hey bud, that’s an old internet joke, and BillyBoy didn’t mean any disrespect.

Still, one of my girlfriends has small titties, right? Well, whenever someone cracks a “flat-chested girl” joke, I don’t go and pitch a fit. You won’t hear me say “well, yeah, they’re small, but you should see her p----!”

Uh. I think I just ranted, too. Nevermind.

Loopy, stop being so PC and just laugh at a funny joke.
and ease up on the soy, estrogenic fag

Thanks lothario. Exactly, I meant no disrespect. In fact I am good friends with a wheelchair basketball player, and my Dad had one leg. I know the challenges of disabilty.

My point was that the real “retards” are the ones that argue on the net.and besides, that saying is old.

Loth, LMAO


Why is it that whenever someone uses the old …arguing on the internet… line, someone else has to get all PC and high and mighty and stick up for disabled and mentally handicapped people? It’s a joke…get it? I don’t think anyone here really has it out for retards, he was just making a joke. Is it in bad tatse? Sure, but I laughed my ass off the first time I saw that line and I actually have seen a poster with the asame phrase, very funny stuff. Do I hate retards? No. Lighten up.

I would consider all sides of the equation and always be respectful. Before you label someone who avoids high gi carbs after training as uneducated, keep in mind that today many progressive coaches like Charles Poliquin advocate protocols similar to what you are refuting (at least to those with unacceptable bodyfat percentages.)

WTF is a lower-leg? Is that a calf and foot or maybe a knee? Or does this “special” individual have upper-legs somewhere attached to their torso?

High GI carbs in my pwo shake make me fat.

I’ve figured that it’s an individual thing, and that age may play a role. I’ve never really understood the blanket “you HAVE to have high GI carbs and protein at a 2:1 ratio in your PWO shake” arguement. Some people almost make it sound like if you don’t then there’s really no point to working out in the first place. Might as well just sit and eat a donut.

I agree that this may be OPTIMAL, but there is no line drawn between nothing and optimal. Just like everything else in life, there is no black and white, only infinite shades of grey.

I suppose if I was in my late 20’s, worked out long and hard enough to completely exhaust my stored glycogen, and was primarily interested in hypertrophy, then it might work for me.

Truth is I’m 46, and I generally get about 40 mins between 5:20 and 6 am. I have a few ounces of OJ and a cup of coffee immediately before I work out, then 1 scoop Muscle Milk and one scoop LC Grow immediately PWO. (banana cream MM and Choc LC Grow is the bomb). There is enough of an insulin response between the OJ and the carbs in the shake to work for me. Adding a scoop of malto just seems to go to my love handles.