How to prepare canned salmon

I bought a couple cans of canned salmon. Do you just eat it out of the can or add it to stuff?

that stuff is great.
so easy to eat and good too
you can fry it as burgers. use an egg to make it stick together.
so take the salmon out put it in a bowl, mix an egg in, season as you wish, cook like a burger! :o)

slather it with salsa.

Yeah just get creative with it. Beware if you try to make patties out of it and you don’t mix a whole lot of stuff in with it it falls apart fairly easily until it’s cooked well. If you’re in a hurry just eat it out of the can.

Also, there is usually a whole string of vertebrae in each can - you can eat these and they arent hard, but you’ll notice a water chestnut type of type of firmness almost.
They annoy me so I take em out. Not hard either since they all tend to line up. :o)

I just put it in a bowl with some mayo, mush it up and mmmm.

Salmon Patty/Burger in a jiff…scoop out some salmon straight from the can (skin, bones, et al) into a microwavable container, bust in an egg (white), some Mrs. Dash, Tabasco or whatever floats your boats, stir it up, pop that mutha in the mike for 2-3 minutes…put on a slice of fat free cheese and some salsa and voila, baby, good stuff.

blend it to a liquid and skul it. Smells/tastes bad, though lunch in 30 second’s ain’t bad huh? (fresh mints an absolute!)

great thanks a lot