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How To Prep For A Show!?


So, I'm not really competing in a bodybuilding contest, but I am going back to see some old friends (and ex-girlfriend) and I'd like to make an impression with my newly developing muscle. I've been using prohormones to diet down and as I get close to time for these people to see me I want to look as ripped as my fat arse can look, which leads me to a question

Given that I've been dieting, but still have more fat than I'd like hiding my muscles, how can I get that little something extra? I know bodybuilders use some substance to remove excess water from their bodies before a show. Should I do that, or try to load with creatine to swell the muscles a little to make them more visible?

I'm a total noob on this subject, so all advice is appreciated. Thanks!


FUCK your ex-girlfriend, she is probably a piece of shit (or you are, one of the two). I think you should walk up to her in a stained t-shirt with your belly hanging out, scratching your nuts, and burp the alphabet right in her face.
If you don't have the balls to do that, then do a search for "Seven days to ultimate leanness" You have to be quite lean already and it is intense but apparently it is the kind of things natural bodybuilders do before a show.


Thanks for the reply, but I'm hoping for an actual reply to my questions, not a comment on my social life. I'm nowhere close to lean, as I mentioned in my post. I'm also married, and don't really care what the ex thinks per se. I just want all my old friends I haven't seen in a year to see me and say holy shit, he's in SHAPE!

Therefore, I'm looking for that tiny last bit of something to help me achieve the look, even if it's only for a short period of time. Wether that be water pills, lipoderm, or some such.

Thanks for the help though. I'll definately consider that burping thing.


Sorry bro, no miracle cures out there. Just be really strict with your diet and do a bunch of HIIT.


As apayne told you, do a search for the article on this site called, "7 Days to Ultimate Leanness."

This should be the URL...

Its not as effective if you still have a bunch of fat on you, but its worth a shot...


What really is the point of getting "in shape" for one day, to impress some people who you only see once a year. In my opinion you probably have virtually no business using prohormones, or any other supplement for that matter.

I don't understand what your goals are. If you are working towards being in shape, then be proud of that, and continue with what you're doing. If you are working towards one day to impress these people, I'd be seriously asking myself "Why?".

Hire a stunt double.

RIT Jared


Why do people compete in anything at all, ever? They set a goal for themselves, train, and then they go for it. Bodybuilders do the same thing to gear up for a contest, and that's basically what I'm doing. Only instead of entering myself into a contest where I have to wear a G-string and oil myself up, I'vew chosen this day with my friends as my "goal day." I've been working on this for months, and once I'm done, I'll start working on my next goal, which will be another 10 lbs lost and competition in a triathlon in April. Without setting goals for myself, I don't train hard enough. It's not about others, it's about me holding myself accountable. This just gives me a fun excuxe to go all out like a competition.

Thanks to those with real advice to questions asked instead of lame-assed opinions.


The problem here, and the reason for my "lame-assed" opinion, is that if this one day really is your goal, than you have grossly underestimated the amount of work it will take to achieve it, and don't seem to be interested in a real solution, but rather a "What pills can I take and what creams can I rub on myself" solution.

My other lame-assed opinion was based on the fact that you are 20% bodyfat according to your profile, and you're using prohormones to diet down. Give me a break.


I see an obvious choice for 20% bf, 2 weeks or some short time, and anabolic support: the Fat Fast diet (do a search for it). I have employed it prior to a social event before and it's no fun, but works. Just make sure to lift heavy with short workout duration during the diet, and consider at least carb-loading the day of. Incidentally, a longer-term solution may be in order.


Is this guy actually working out or just a dieter?


I'm working out. Have been for years, as well as posted here for years. Down from 315 pounds and no muscle to 230 and starting to put up decent numbers. I've done pretty well for myself all things considered, with the help of T-dawg, Shugart, Waterbury, and the others on here who I've met and worked out with.

This is not the first time I've used PHs, just the first time I've cut with them. Turned out to be a pretty good thing, since the cut is over tomorrow. Gained measureable size in my chest, arms, and thighs. Added 25 pounds to squat and dead, still managed to keep up with the wrestlers, and am down 2-3% BF in spite of reduced cal diet and Christmas eve dinner. :slight_smile: Not a bad way to cut given the times I've cut before.

Perhaps I didn't do so good a job at explaining that this cut was the last phase of a long thought out plan that I'vebeen executing for months, but so be it. Once this week is up, I change training methods entirely to begin work on my next goal - doing a triathlon in May. Setting such goals really helps you strive harder than you ever have, so it's something you should try sometime. If I wanted to learn how to sodium/carb load and deplete to make my arrival at my goal so much the sweeter, so be it.

Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions! I'll go back to lurking now.


I would have been able to give a better answer had I known your plan. I hope that the 7 days to leanness is along the lines of what you were looking for, however that is usually intended for those with lower bf %ages. If you are still looking to be cutting fat, may I suggest some HIIT sprinting. It won't be fun, but it will work. I also am cutting, and have been jog/walking 2-3 miles a day with an 80lb pack. That isn't as traumatizing to the muscles (except for the traps), so it doesn't interfere with my working out.

RIT Jared


Well, if I knew anything I'd drop some clues. Only thing I can think is that there has to be a thread on here somewhere that talks about how to do this.