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How to Prep for a Powerlifitng Meet

I’m 11 and a half weeks out of a powerlifting meet. An rps meet in November. I want to know how do I peak for my first meet and how do I switch to training in knee wraps for the meet.

Pick a program, follow it for 11 weeks, take your heavy singles in knee wraps.

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im on greyskull lp and i cant really do heavy singles on it. Rather i should take a heavy single in wraps after my main working sets.

I don’t know much about grey skull but i wouldnt be comfortable going into a meet without testing some singles out. Ask someone who has used greyskull what they did.

Everyone preps differently. It’d probably be beneficial to just gradually drop reps and upping the weight over the course of the 11 weeks.

Try and work backwards from your opener. Let’s say you wanna open at 300 in the squat. Here’s an example:

Meet week: Do nothing or just some very light reps for tech
Week 10: 295x1
Week 9: 285x?
Week 8: 275x?

…and so on
The reason for the ? mark is you need to decide in that workout what reps you can do that day. I’d suggest making sure the reps are clean and smooth. Don’t be grinding.

It’s a simple way to just get heavier with the weight over the course of the weeks. See how it works but it’s been proven to work for many years.

I would also suggest cutting way back on assistance work from now until week 5. Starting in week 4 I’d cut out all assistance unless your doing it very light for higher reps and a pump.