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How to Plan Your Training with No Barbell?

It looks like we’re about to go into official lockdown again where I am, which means the gyms will be shut again. It’s been impossible to stick to any kind of barbell program because of the full blown corona terror, and I have a tiny apartment, so there’s no chance of a barbell set up. Looking at the upsides, I’m finally attending to conditioning, and running 3 times a week. But I’m more limited for strength work and am wondering what you’d advise. I have rings for pull ups, a band, a backpack and books, and a 53lb kettlebell. I figure that I can make this as simple as 3 times a week, hitting around 100 reps of push, pull, legs/core. No heavy squats and deadlifts, but hell, it’s an excuse to do all the midsection, 1 leg work, and running that I don’t want to do in the gym. Does that sound like decent plan, assuming this lunacy continues for the next 2-3 months?

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