How to Plan the Intensity Techniques in "Best Damn"

CT, I have two questions, the first about the high frequency low volume hypertrophy system and the other about the relationship between growth and progression.

First, in most of your programs either on your website or on T-Nation, you have periodized the intensity techniques such as drop sets, rest-pause, etc. Also, in a different thread you said that they should not be used continuously. In the “Best Damn Workout”, they are not periodized, so I wanted to ask you how to plan them if one wants to follow the program in the long term without burning out.

Second, we have always been told that muscle growth is an adaptive response which the body gives against stress. According to this logic, we need to put more stress on the body repeatedly for continous muscle growth. You mentioned in several articles and threads that this increased stress doesn’t have to be about weight, and that there are several ways to progress. But at the end of the day, do we still need progress, or is hypertrophy only about muscle failure (as the study you mentioned in your website tells us), even if it is achieved with the same weight, reps, and tempo every workout, so without progress?

Thank you