How to Plan the Comeback from Hip Flexor Tear?

Hi, everyone. I tore my Hipflexors about 3 months ago during a squat.

Since then I have been unable to perform any exercise involving the front chain of the legs.

I continued to workout of course just without a squat.
I chose Coffinworm for my program.
My deadlift is got weaker.
My Bench Preaa is got weaker.
But my press got stronger, Logical results overall.

I do rehabilitation exercises on a daily basis, I need to start a new program in about a week and I really wanted to get back to squatting slowly and carefully, I thought of Box Squat to start with.

I planned to do “Volume and Strength” and do “Starting Strength” just for the squat (start from an empty bar and increase the weight from workout to workout). Slowly the weight will merge into the program and I can go back to doing a 5/3/1 squats.

How does it sound ? Does anyone have a better idea ?


I wrote an entire article about how to come back from illness or injury. It’s on my website and published about a month ago or so. This has also been answered many times on this forum, too so feel free to do a search.

The answer is not popular but it is effective.

Thank you so much the quick response !
I read your article straight when it came out but I never thought of it as an option,
Because I kept doing deadlift, bench press and press normally during those three months.
The only exercise I didn’t do was squat because I was injured and couldn’t even do Air Squat.
That’s why I want to treat squat as an exercise I don’t have TM for yet.
And yes I would like to continue to get stronger in the rest of the exercises and not let them “suffer” because I took a break from squatting.

Hi Jim,
thanks for taking your time and answering questions on instagram yesterday.

Can I ask please how the training week of your kids look like please. You said they squat two times per week and deadlift once per week

on which day do they barbell squat, on which day the dumbbell squat and on which day the trap bar deadlift?

Thank you very much!!!
Best regards and stay healthy

Curious–what are you doing for hip flexor rehab?

I screwed up my right hip with excessive running volume last summer, and it took a while to come back for it, so I’m interested to hear what others have done for rehab/ prehab for this relatively unusual injury.