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How to Plan First Cycle?

Hey I’m 45 yrs. old wanting to start Test. Basically to fell better and get my levels up. I’m gonna start taking 100 a week. What else do I need to take with the test and after the 8 to 10 weeks? Also how long should I take the test Before taking a break?

At your age, if you’re going to do it, you should be doing TRT for life. If you want something to make you feel better, you’ll feel shittier once you come off than before you started. You may or may not bounce back to pre cycle numbers. At your age it’s a bit more uncertain.

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Have you had your testosterone checked by a doctor via blood work?

What’s TRT?

Yeah levels were fine, so doctor would order Test for me!

“Fine” isn’t really applicable. What were your numbers? Fine is very subjective.