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How to Pick the Best Weight?


Hello, I posted the other day about finding a good workout routine and I read up on Chads full body workout. I am definitely going to try that. My next question is how to pick a good weight to start with. Right now when I am doing a class (body pump) I feel I load my bar heavy enough but with this class you are doing high reps. I will list what I do now in that class but like I said reps are high (probably around 50-60 or a 5 min song)
Squats I do 60lbs plus bar
Chest 22 lbs plus bar
Back 22 -32 lbs plus bar
Triceps 14-20 lbs plus bar or 11lbs for kickbacks
Biceps 11 lbs each arm
Shoulders 7-10 lbs (this is my weaker area)
Thanks for any insight!


this question is literally impossible for anyone to answer. There’s really no way to tell what kind of weights you can handle from knowing your 60 rep max.

You’ll just have to get in the gym and do some experimentin’


I remember doing the 2x25 lunges for the first time. Two 10kg and away I went.

Dropped them half set and didn’t finish the second set. Yeah, conditioning sucked.

Figure it out. Er on side of caution and the second week will be better.


Just start light and add weight every workout or week, till you get to the point where weights seem heavy.


Maybe this wi help.


what yogi said, if your goals are strength then load them biches up and hitting 5 reps should be very very challenging along with 1-2 min rest, if youre aiming for aesthetics then hitting 8-10 with challenging weight is the goal specifically when you are at 8-9 reps it should feel really difficult.

If you want to build muscle and aesthetics begin with strength then do volume once your body adjusts to that weight.