How to perform board presses?

Anyone got pics? I know there are some on tmag someone but cant find them

Also an additional 'Cake “Q”…Are board presses a suitable replacement for Bench when a shoulder injury makes heavy Benching impossible?

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check out elite fitness’ site …

they’re in the Q&A Section under exercise descriptions

CupCake- yes they are just me sure you are using boards high enough to take the shoulder rotation out of the movement try 3 and 4 board presses at first if they fell good try 2 boards.

Thanks Big M!

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All i can say is this, the metal militia trains on boards and they are stronger than anyone else. They take the boards no matter how many and bring the bar down low by tucking their elbows then they drive the bar up while they flair their elbows back. So they go low then end up pressing over their face. This way they are practicing their bench grove. The board work is helping overcome a weakness at a specific point so if your stalling with your shirt at a 5 board height you want to train heavy weights in that groove.