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How to Pee With Morning Wood




Link has failed for me.. so in turn you have failed at creating a thread.




Fail link is fail.

And if I have to pee with morning wood, I always jerk it. That way when you actually do pee, you clear out the semen with the pee. Kind of like clearing out ALL the pipes in the morning. Besides, nothing really starts your day right like a good jerk session.


lock knees, lean forward putting most of your weight on your toes while keeping flat feet. Take your index finger and your middle finger and point your johnson down and try not to piss everywhere.


If I REALLY have to pee, that ain't happening. It's a first come, first serve, sort of thing.


You cum and piss at the same time? Is that even possible?

To the OP: sit down, stick your cock in the opening in the toilet seat, and let loose.


peeing with morning wood is easy just wrap the shower curtain around yourself like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtQ0qvNBftw but do note that this is a post-coitus pee stream.


x2 x4


Pee can wait; morning wood has right of way at all times


You fucking pansies.

I do handstands off the toilet bowl.

Gravity and geometry, both on my side.


I open my back door and piss on the grass. No aiming that way.


You could try a few things. You could stand as far away from the toliet as possible and point it upwards so that the stream falls directly into the toliet. You do a hand stand over the toliet. You could also bend forward enough so that you can pee into the toliet, but you run the risk of getting stuck in that position. Hardly the most desirable way of someone finding you. Just experiment a little and you'll find what is easy! lol


Gonna have to agree with this. Sure, it's hell trying to get yourself 'in' at the right angle after a brutal leg day, but it's not worth the risk of having piss all over the fucking floor.


There's just one flaw in this technique. If you're not entirely vertical you might just piss right in your own face.


And you call that a flaw?




Haven't you seen the intro of "40 Year Old Virgin"?


Couldn't agree more.


Well everyone his own fetish eh?