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How To Peak For Meet 5 Weeks Out?

Hi All - Haven’t been here long but just realizing I should be participating because there is obviously a lot of great knowledge here.

Situation: 52 year old 234 lb male who has only dabbled (more than a year ago) in powerlifting decides to enter a meet May 2021. He has ten weeks to get ready and spends the first 5 weeks ramping up on the big lifts and accessories at 5 reps, RPE management, paying careful attention to fatigue and eating basically right. Week 5 fatigue is pretty high so backs off 25% on volume but maintains intensity even continuing to set PR’s at 5 reps RPE 9 in all the big lifts.

Question: so how does it roll from here? I was thinking that if you assume just light technical work during meet week, then I only have 4 weeks left. I need to get to working with near maximal weight, say 2 reps at RPE 9 during week 9 as that will be my opener. And I need to drop volume week 8 to start to bring down fatigue for full recovery by meet week. So should I do another week of 5’s and weeks 7, 8, 9 do 4’s, 3’s and 2’s? Or drop to 4’s immediately and go 3’s for 2 weeks and finish at 2’s?

I hope this all makes sense in terms of what I at least think is going on. Happy to hear any thoughts and thank you in advance.

I notice some guys are now just running their regular blocks and then having a short taper into their meet. I think the theory is this is a more dependable way to do things and gives less chance of a bad meet day.

That’s probably a good way to do it If you haven’t peaked before. Then next meet see how you handle going a bit heavier and a bit less volume in the last few weeks.

That will give you clues as to what works best for you.

Otherwise, yeah drop volume sensibly over the 4 weeks to a hard single on each lift, perhaps some slightly challenging triples on the squat/bench in the week before your taper. But even better would be to find the peaking protocol of a coach who programs similarly to how you train and follow that.

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It’s hard to give a one size fits all peak template except for the basic parameters.

Ive tried a couple different methods in the past. Tried singles only 5 weeks out, ran 5/3/1 right up to meet day, and a couple others. What was consistent for me however was a “deload” the week before the meet. Last heavy deadlift 10 days out, squat and bench 7 days out.

Open light nd have fun. Good luck.

I peak alternating heavy and light weeks. Currently peaking for June meet. I use the formula below but every other week because of how long I’ve been doing this and my age.

It really depends on his poundages to this point. RPE doesn’t really account for much when peaking. You need to have an idea of a realistic 1RM and train for that. Base your % on that.

Week 5 80-85%x3
Week 4 87.5%x2
Week 3 92.5%x1
Week 4 60x1 65x1 70x1
Week 5 Meet

Should give you a good idea of an opener and go from there by feel at the meet.

Go in healthy and strong and not beat up. Save the big ones for the platform.

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