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How to Peak for a Powerlifting Meet with Gear


I’m beginning my first cycle soon and I’m trying to figure out how I should structure my cycle do that I am ready to peak for a powerlifting meet towards the end of my cycle.

My current stats:
Squat 420 - bench 300 - deadlift 535 at 190 bw

I’ve been lifting for almost 10 years now but just recently got really into strength sports (about a year ago).

My cycle will be a really simple first cycle:
Wks 1-12 500 mg test-e per week
Also I have Tbol that I would like to use but I don’t know if I should plan to use it towards the end of the cycle or thr beginning? I was thinking about doing it for the last 4 weeks at 50mg per day.

Is it best to do a meet right at week 12? Should I do it before? When will my strength gains be at their peak from my first cycle?

Sorry it’s a lot of questions but it’s hard to find any advice on how to use gear for a strength event.

Thanks in advance.


I suppose after 10 years you know how to peak for a powerlifting meet.

Not sure whats so hard about it, just make sure you have the most androgens in your system on meet day. You can come off if you want after the meet thats up to you.

If its your first cycle there’s more than enouth information availible on the internet