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How to Pass a Doping Test?


i have taken only 1- 200ml injection of test cyp, then realised i will be tested for doping 4 weeks after the injection was taken.

on line is says it is detectable for 3 months, but 200ml is still below the 'affective amount' of 300ml/wk. any idea of weather i ll pass the test?

i see drug test kits for sale on line, but it cant be so easy. do those really work? any recommendations of kits used successfully? thanks VERY much for any feedback


First off. It's milligrams (mg) not milliliters (ml)

Second. When testing for testosterone they test for the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone. Testosterone is found in the body naturally and once the ester is removed there is no way to tell the difference between exogenous testosterone and endogenous testosterone.

1 200mg injection 4 weeks from your test is not going to make you fail. But you should do some reading on the correlation between testosterone and epitestosterone. There is a ton of info on it because of the product called "the cream" made popular by Barry Bonds and Patrick Arnold.


haha, my bad. mg not ml

thanks man, i will look into that


but is this way of testing the most advanced? if test cyp is detectible for 3 months, surely there is a test that can find it. thats my concern


The ester is detectable, I guess. There is no difference between the molecules once the ester is removed.

There's no way for us to know what kind of test you are getting. The olympics uses the test for ratio of testosterone:epitestosterone.


I think you meant "the clear"


Pretty sure the clear is a synthetic anabolic steroid.



Is "the cream" any less detectable than taking test and epitest separately or was it just combined so the athletes wouldn't have to worry about correct dosing to get a good ratio?


Yeah. It was designed to be a certain ratio.

But it wouldnt be particularly difficult to make if you had a source for epitestosteron and the right transdermal gel. I have no idea about the details of that stuff though


Interesting question, though I suspect that anyone truly "in the know" on this topic would never freely share such info