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How to Overeat/Make it Easier?


How do you make it easier to overeat. For those who have to overeat to make progress, what techniques do you use to make it easier to eat more food than your mind wants to.


maybe start by quitting thinking of it as 'overeating' and reframing it as 'what my body needs'.
think about there being different parts to your mind... the part that you know is telling you bollocks (that part will tell you to quit when things get hard) and the other part - the one that can rise to the occasion. the one that knows what is best.

be a bit strategic about how you get the calories down. i think people report luck with calorie dense shakes etc.

might help if you posted your diet and people could suggest how you could improve on it to make it feel more palatable (e.g., getting rid of 'filler' stuff)


I find eating more often (rather than eating less often but larger meals) to be easier to get my cals in. However, if you must overeat, then somebody else will chime in.


How many calories do you need to grow?

How many calories are you currently comfortable eating?


Have you tried eating faster?
Seriously, you can shovel a lot more food down in that first ten or so minutes after you start eating than if you take your time between bites.
Chew your food properly though..


Right now, I eat 4 porcupine meatballs(or whatever), all about the same size, every time I eat. If I don't gain weight with the 4 meatballs, I start eating 5 meatballs, and so on, until that doesn't work.
I also do the same with carbs, 1 apples>2 apples, etc.
This stuff isn't difficult, it's just a flowchart.


well your gonna have to get your stomach bigger if you feel you cant eat enough at once, maybe drinking a large amount of water at a time to the point where your stomach is stretched to the max, if you do that for a while your stomach should be able to expand fairly large so you can hold more food at once.


Have a shake (scoop of whey + nut butter) after every meal.
Add cheese/sour cream/guac
Have a few big shakes a day (protein, nut butter, coconut oil, oats, bananas, greek yoghurt etc.), throwing stuff in a blender you can easily hit 1,000 calories of GOOD food and it's a lot easier to drink something than to eat it.
Snack on nuts/seeds throughout the day.


If you blend all your meals and drink them you are the man


Liquid nutrition. There ya go


Agreed with bonez> how much do you need to grow? What do your macros look like now?

Easiest ways are liquids and toppings to increase calories without really noticing it. Thats how i reduce calories so i can eat more. I do the opposite.


Reaching down, grasping the balls firmly (to remind oneself of virility/desire to grow), and letting out a warcry before each meal can help. No, it doesn't matter if you are in public- people will respect or GTFO real quick.

Ok but for real- when eating to grow, solid food is way better than just shakes. Don't go to a full liquid nutrition plan or anything, but do try to have at least a couple of shakes each day, and use them to sneak in some calories from EVOO/EVCO. You can also throw natty nut butters in there (this is actually fucking delicious). You can also just throw down a spoonful or two of natty nut butters outside of shakes to get a lot of cals.

Don't get crazy paranoid about macros if you're trying to gain. As long as you get ENOUGH of each macro, you'll be fine (as in don't worry about going over or consuming a good amount of fats, etc). Getting in a lot of carbs is the hard part, assuming that you don't eat complete shit. It's one of those things that you get used to over time. I've found that the harder I work in the gym, the easier it is to put huge meals down afterwards. So as long as you work hard and eat as hard as you can manage on the carb front while supplementing with cal-dense fats to fill in any missing calories, you should be good.


I just kept adding food as long as my weights were flat in the gym. I stayed at a 135 bench (many moons ago) for a few months going from 2,200 to 4,000 kCals. When I finally hit 3,500 my bench, squat and deadlift started moving up each week. So I decided to eat 7 meals a day of 500 each and that was that. I found small meals were easier to use, as long as you maintain a proper meal cadence.

I never really encountered "hunger resistance", because I kind of ate more by the clock then by how I felt. After a few weeks, I didn't need the clock anymore, I had taught my body to expect a meal at 8am, 10:30, 12, 2:30, 5, 7 and 10pm.


Eat meals that you enjoy eating more often. They will seem like less of a chore. Obviously add in shakes on top of this, put some eggs in a blender with your shakes for an easy way to eat 5 or so eggs. 1 tbsp of EVOO is just over 200 calories so you can add that to meals/shakes easily.


This is true. Eating quicker is also the best way because you have about 8 minutes on average before your body sends that signal to the brain telling it that it is full.

This comes down to what your goals are and where you start. Anyone acting as if you can just eat when hungry all of the time is clueless to the fact that we aren't made the same.

If I ate only when hungry I would lose weight...and as a skinny teenager, it took me using some of those same methods just for my body to allow me to eat enough to grow.


How to make it easier? Eat foods you enjoy. Change meals whenever they get "boring"

Fast food Burgers are fine provided you go for maximum Protein and dont buy fries, sodas and deserts while you are there.

FATS. As mentioned add fats to shakes. Cream, olive oil, MCT oils all go well with protein shakes.


Sorry didnt see this before I posted.

BIG +1


I think trying to get one 'big' shake in can really help those who don't have a big appetite.

If you throw a cup of oats, 2 cups of whole milk, a banana, 2 scoops of vanilla whey, and 2 spoons of with natty PB or VCO, that's a 1000 cals, and tastes pretty good IMO. Obviously, this EXACT shake isn't magical, and the amount of each food aren't either, just giving you an idea.


yup, and calorie dense foods.... nuts, PB, olive oil

eating every 2 hrs


I have a pretty similar shake for my first meal. 500ml milk, 1 cup oats, half a large pot of Greek yoghurt, 4 eggs, 2-3 scoops of chocolate whey. This is about 1300 calories and is easy to drink on the go. I usually make it the night before so that I don't have to worry about it in theorning before school but it only takes 5 minutes or so in a blender.