How to Overcome a Stall?

So basically, I’ve just started a HIT routine (twice a week, one set per main muscle group, 8-12 reps to failure, tempo 4 seconds negative, 3 seconds positive, 1 second hold in the contracted position), and I’m an absolute newbie to this type of training.

How do you overcome stall for ONE exercise (I mean, If everything is stalling you’re likely under-recovering) -not one problem at the moment, but eventually…
Do you use a different rep scheme? (let’s say move to 30-10-30 or 30/30/30), or change it for a different exercise? I’m just guessing… As I said I’m very new to H.I.T.

How many rest days are you taking between performing said exercise?

If you are tracking your workouts, applying progressive overload and crucially allowing the muscles to recover properly through food and rest, you shouldn’t be stalling. Strength will increase workout to workout.

About 3 days. I’ve just started with H.I.T.: so I haven’t stalled yet.

Anyway stall just happens, It’s the lifting game (I don’t know any existing routine where stall doesn’t happen eventually, BUT I have seen many methods to overcome stall prescribed in many different routines)

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IMHO trying to time your eccentric, concentric, Iso hold, etc. Takes a lot away from the movement. Particularly during the concentric portion, you’ll drop weight significantly by doing a slow contraction.

I will only perform any given exercise once a week. If you’ve recovered properly, the muscle will become stronger. When a stall occurs, rest longer.

The whole idea of training is to cause an adaption to a stress. Depending on the level of stress applied on a muscle(s), it may take a week for adaption to occur, it may take longer. Regardless, given adaption is the whole objective of weight training, take as much recovery as is necessary.

At the moment I’m progressing just fine. If I stall I’ll train Less Frequently

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How many years lifting? What do you bench and deadlift?
Verrry broadly… Stick with that weight for 3-4 sessions and keep pushing. If still stuck change/rotate exercises

When you hit a big wall/stall hard on several core lifts move on to a standard T Nation program and then can come back later in the year to HIT/Darden template

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5/3/1 is a great progression method for your big lifts, the fact that your numbers and progression are all planned out you don’t have to play a guessing game. Get stuck? Just drop the weight 10% and build back from there. It’s beautiful!

You were actually one of the people who got me interested in it. Jim could have you on his marketing team. Appreciate the advice you give out man.

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Thanks, thats great to hear

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Simplest Solutions:

  1. If you’re doing that exercise every workout, go to every other workout
  2. Look at what other exercises may utilize that muscle and perhaps move them to another workout