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How to Optimize a Big Meal?

Odd question, every once in awhile I go to all you can eat wing nights. I usually consume around 50 wings with more protein than I eat in any other single meal. Is there anything I can do to make this meal more anabolic? Such as consuming 5g leucine beforehand or BCAA’s? Little on the unknowledgeable side so I appreciate any input.

You just said it yourself. Leucine is the key.

[quote]Patrickahn wrote:
Is there anything I can do to make this meal more anabolic? Such as consuming 5g leucine… [/quote]

If you’re already consuming that large amount of protein, I’m sure you get lots of leucine and other BCAA’s from the meal itself. Save the leucine for when you’re NOT getting much protein.

why do we need leucine here? isnt all that protein enough

Steroids can do wonders here. Try 6 5mg D-bol tabs 45 minutes before…

Seriously. Maybe a pulse of leucine could initiatve protein synthesis and somehow increase anabolic effects of the meal. But that’s only a hypothesis and the effcts would be marginal and probably unmeasurable.

A very big meal after a period of normal eating or even after a period of fasting will have highly anabolic effects by itself through several pathways, first and foremost via it’s impact on the endocrine system.

A whole lot of the food will run through you undigested, though, since stomach acid will never suffice to hydrolize all the protein. Maybe some digestiv enzymes may be beneficial.

That said, what a weird question was that?? :slight_smile:

Damn 50 wings?!? I’d hate to be your toilet.

what, eating too much at a time leaves a lot of it undigested? bleh. why do i eat.

eat some cardboard, or other source of fiber?