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How to Mount a Painting


I picked up a really cool painting of a ship while I was in Greece last fall on the cheap, but I have no idea how to hang it in my apartment!

The guy I bought it from had it mounted on some type of foam, where he just stretched the painting across it and tacked it around the edges on the back of the foam....you could then just hang the foam onto your wall with whatever mounting method you wanted since it was so light...

But since I was travelling, we had to unmount it from that and he just rolled it up and sold it to me like that...

Does anyone know what type of foam is used to do this, and where can I find it?

I have absolutely no artistic inclination....hoping some of you artsy types can help me out (Iron Dwarf?)


thats kinky


i guess rolling it up, using some foam and then mounting it might satisfy your needs :confused:


Deb has came out recently she went to school for art. Perhaps she will chime in.


You can buy wooden stretcher bars in the proportion that the canvas is on the face of it.

  1. Put the bars together into a frame shape. Be sure it is square (measure the diagonals and be sure they're the same. If not, adjust them).

  2. Stretch the canvas over the frame, wrap the sides, and staple to back of frame. Be sure to staple from the center of one side, turn and do each side in order, one staple at a time until it's evenly attached.

  3. Choose a hanging method of your choice and attach it to the top back of the frame. The one shown above is a simple hanger that slips easily under the top bar of the frame and then hangs on a nail in the wall.


Well put. When life hands you a challenge, foam roll.


Thanks man...can you just buy those stretcher bars at walmart, or what?

I take it the foam thing the guy originally had it stretched on isnt a commonly used method?


You may be able to get them at WalMart, but I can't verify that since I never set foot in the place. LOL
Otherwise, AC Moore, Micheal's, or any other craft store will have them. Just be sure to measure the face of the painting accurately before buying the stretchers.

I've never heard of a canvas mounted to foam, but then historically canvas has been attached to damn near everything. Damn weirdo artists.

If you need any further assistance, let me know.