How to Mix Powder HCG?

Hi all,

I received a tiny vial of HCG | 5,000iu and was surprised that it actually came in a powder form. I have a couple of bottle of BAC liquid to mix it with. Is it as simple as putting 2ml into the hcg vial? Unsure how to correctly go about this.


Usually the case, no need to mix it before you need it, and need to keep it cold.

Make the math easy on yourself and do 1000iu:1mL

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I’ve always strongly agreed with this. Mix to make the dosing simple.

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there’s so many posts from guys who can’t do basic math to calculate a dose or dilution, it amazes me. Keeping it simple is the easiest way to avoid mistakes like that

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my 10k IU vials which need to be mixed only take 3ml BAC. i wish it would be bigger. is 2ml the max you can get in? I mean the math should be easy in terms how much you need to inject later