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How to mix HCG?

I just got my first amp of HCG. It’s a little ball of white powder. It also came with a second glass amp with sterile water. Am I supposed to mix these up in something seperate, like an empty 10 ml. bottle, and ration it out from there?

1.take the water from the bottle by using a sterile seringue(never touch the needle!).Remember to sterilize the rubber-korks(if there are any.sometimes hcg and the sterile diluent come in ampoules) before you stick the needle through them. 2.empty the water from the seringue into the ampoule/bottle containing the hcg. make sure it dilutes the hcg-powder completely. 3.suck it back up into the seringue. 4.now, change the needle (don t touch the part you are going to push into you!). it has to be a thinn needle. hcg isn t thick like oil. it s water. 5. inject.(not just anywhere!)in other words it doesn t have to be mixed in a separate sterile bottle. just put the water where the hcg is!if you are not sure of how to inject …don t do it.

I realize that you must have some 5000 or 10 000 iu hcg. ampoules aren t good for storage…You really aren t even supposed to store hcg once it is mixed with the water but some people do it anyway (for a short period of time,in the refrigerator of course).hcg comes in small and big IU amounts. ampoules are usually meant to be used comletely at once. next time try to get the bottle/rubber-kork version…

Aron: If one has HCG amps. what is the best way to store it once the water is added to the powder? In a syringe and then put the syringe in the fridge or something else?

You also mentioned that there is a certain way to inject HCG? I was under the impression that it can be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously and just about any common injection site (glutes, hams, delt, biceps) will work? Is this correct?

so you want to store it anyway.then i gess that putting it in a sterile glass bottle with a rubber-protected opening is the only alternative. It is however very important that the bottle hasn t contained anything but sterile water, (like the one you mix with the HCG powder anyway)if the bottle isn t sterile, the bacterias in it will ruin the HCG. Messing around with the HCG will definitely put it in contact with bacteria. Pharmacies probably sell sealed packages of sterile bottles…
What are you hoping of accomplish with the HCG anyway? jumpstart your own production of testosterone? I don t think it will do that.Quite the opposite really. The best way is to take arimidex. 1/4 of a tablet (0.25mg) every fifth day.yes…that little.I use a lot of testosterone and that s all i need to prevent 1.testicular-shrinkage 2.water retention .I have never had to suffer becouse of extremely low testosterone levels while “off” this way. It seems to me that down-regulation of ones own testosterone production is mostly due to high levels of estrogen.HCG will raise it. Raising estrogen-levels while trying to restore testosterone production can t be reasonable…anyone will tell you that.I also make sure that i never use anything that has a progesterone-like effect.(parabolan…)nothing helps against that.