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How to Mix HCG and Dosage?

My HCG came in today. Its a 5000iu bottle and I have Bacteriostatic water to mix it. How much of the water should I use? If I use 2ml would that take it to 2500iu and if so how would I I work the dosage out?

You can add 1mg:1000iu and inject 0.25ml for 250iu
So 5ml BA water to 5000iu

Must be BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol.

Must refrigerate after adding water.
Swirl to mix, never shake.

Ampule or multi dose vial with a rubber stopper.

Inject 0.25ml 250iu subq EOD/E2D, not IM
Will last 40 days.

#29 or #31 insulin syringes suggested.
0.25ml, 250iu will be “25iu” on insulin syringe.

You can co-inject with hGH or other water based peptides.

I’m not sure 5mls would fit. Maybe only 3ml