How to mix carbs,proteins and fats?

Hi guys,I’d like to know your opinion on how to mix the 3 classes of nutrients in order to maximize fat loss and proper digestion.I’ve read a book from (self-proclaimed?)nutrition guru Don Lemmon in which he stated that you had to absolutely divide prot+fats and carbs+(few)fats meals for better absorption and fat loss,relying on low gi/high fiber foods to keep insulin stable and low.But this is in contrast from what I’ve read about protein helping in slowing down the digestion of carbs and thus by the release of glucagon keep the insulin at check.What’s the better way to eat in order to lose the max amount of body fat and to achieve the best energy levels?
Moreover a 45p-35c-20f is a reasonable ratio for that objective?

Just use John Berardi’s ideas. They are proven and most see great results. Read the Massive Eating articles, part I and II at T-mag.

Yes, indeed they are proven anectdotally, but I have yet to see empirical evidence to support that claim. The only people who seem to support this as the ultimate way to improve insulin sensitivity are related to Dr. Peter Lemmon in some way. Others in the field are skeptical.