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How to Mitigate Sides Without an AI?


Yupz, I’m 17 (I believe this is one of the few times I’ve ever clarified my age), birthday coming up soon however I’m not clarifying when that is haha.


Potentially (just kidding)


I experience the exact same symptoms when my estro spikes - shoulder acne and increased anxiety. I took have the sides disappear when I take a AI for a few days…


@tb40 yeah I feel ya. I guess for us it’s better to stay in an AI


How’s the anxiety and your E2 lvl going Atfit?
The biggest problem I see with anastrozole is most guys can only get 1mg pills unless they have access to a compounding lab where micro doses are made all the time. Even cutting a 1 mg pill into 4 pieces can still be too much. I get .125mg out of Texas and have never crashed my E2.


There is always KSMan’s dilution in vodka solution.


Anxiety/acne/depression are okay. It’s usually okay when I’m taking an AI regularly.
I get my AI in a solution. So I can easily micro dose.


Anytime I change my protocol up or down I experience acne on my shoulders and back. It always is short lived and once I stabilize it disappears. I just doubled my dose two weeks ago and I currently am having some acne but I already know it will go away. I dont think it is related to estrogen as much as it is our hormones fluctuating. Body odor as well as acne are hormonally driven. I think people are to quick to jump on ai’s


For me, the acne gets worse and worse and worse and worse. Then I start my AI, the acne slowly disappears and is gone within a week. Happens every time.


Just goes to show how complex the human body is. This balancing act between hormones and genetics and exogenous compounds ect ect. If an ai works for you then go for it. I’m not trying to stop you. My argument is not to jump on the ai roller coaster because of a couple of pimples. Unless your an Abercrombie and Finch model and a couple pimples is gonna end your career lol. To each his own.


Hey I agree and I would like to not use an AI. I’ve made a couple threads asking about this very thing. Unfortunately I have not found a way. I haven’t even tried no AI on a cycle because I’m too scared to be honest…


Back to your original question. No I don’t think there is any way to keep your E2 and prolactin in check while cycling without an AI.
I applaud you for not being a lemming. You know when something doesn’t feel right and you know what it takes to make it go away.
Do you experience any negative sides for your AI (anastrozole)? Why do you worry so much about taking it? Have you ever googles the shit that can happen taking 20mg of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) ? That’s some F’d up stuff man.


As far as negative sides of adex, I do feel a little off sometimes but it’s hard to tell if it’s because of that. Same thing happens when I take aromasin though.

I would just prefer to not take
An AI or serm just because I believe less you put in your body the better.