How to Mitigate Sides Without an AI?

How would someone runnng a cycle of testosterone at 500 mg per week(just for example) control the symptoms they get(anxiety, and acne to be specific) without the use of an AI?

Is it possible? Because tamoxafin would not protect against those side effects(from my personal experience).

Oops, the side effects of high estrogen is what I am talking about.

Have you personally experienced anxiety with a Test cycle? Or did you run something with it, like Tren?

I have done multiple test only cycles (500mg per week 12 weeks long). When my estrogen gets high(confirmed by bloodwork) I break out fairly bad on my shoulders, and my anxiety increases quite a bit. As soon as I take exemstane or arimadex within a week those symptoms start to disappear. With all the talk about not taking A.I’d around here, I’m wondering is there an alternative?

I would prefer to not have to take an AI if possible.

You’ve probably read this but just in case, @physioLojik is our resident Endo/BBer/steroid guru and he does not advocate AI but SARMS instead.

I have And I have tried taking tamoxafin @ 20mg per day I believe was the dose and it did nothing to protect against the sides. Is this the usual case? Or am I the exception?

I’m not sure. I take 20 mg/day without issue

For sure. Thanks for the replies.
I’m already prone to anxiety so any increase is greatly felt. Trying to minimize it is the hardest part.

It’s my understanding that acne is more related to increased DHT rather than E. Have you considered or tried ashwagandha or CBD for anxiety?

@yubs I think you are correct, either way the lowering of my estrogen clears up my skin to almost perfect within a very short time.

And I have not, I’m not really interested in treating my anxiety with anything if I don’t have too, know what I mean?

I think the ‘no AI’ position is medically correct, but if it is used in small doses, during a blast, in order to combat the anxiety (which is a genuinely awful side effect and can hurt you outside of the gym) then it’s probably fine. I think the overall point Physio was making was that the immediate reliance on an AI, absent any symptoms, is irresponsible. But for you it might be a necessary evil in order to keep you from other more serious issues. But that’s just my read. I don’t want to put words in his mouth.

Not sure why you’re not concerned with addressing your anxiety; to me that seems like the more critical of the two side effects you mentioned but I guess you’re free to do as you wish. I experience mild anxiety at times if I’m in large crowds and I would definitely seek help if I felt like that all the time.

@yubs I am working on my anxiety. There is no cure for anxiety, there are just ways to deal with it. It’s s lifelong battle, sometimes worse than other times.

Understood, not suggesting it cold be cured but rather managed like any other health issue. Sounds like you’re working on it so I’ll simply wish you the best of luck. Hang in there man.

For sure no biggie, I was just saying in case you didn’t know.
And thanks I’m trying every single day! Take it easy

It is my understanding tamoxafin will help you not get manboobs and nothing else. Your E2 will still be overrange. If you know Anastrozole works to help you get your anxiety under control by all means take it. This current fad to not use an AI no matter what is going to jack some guys up. Lets hope they have the ball to report it so we can get back to normal and use the drugs we are given to control super high E2.

I have to do even more to keep my anxiety at bay. I know it is bad for you but I do 3 shots of whiskey before bedtime. That is when my anxiety triggers. In my mind it is better than being addicted to benzos which is the only other thing that has worked for me. Today I am benzo free and will never go back to that.
Good luck on your cycle hit the gym alot so you can go to bed exhausted, I think it helps.

Yeah I know the stuggle brother. I’m able to keep it at bay most of the time and have benzos for the bad moments. It’s sucks really, for me this all just randomly started happening one day.

Benzos saved me more than a few times. I’ll tell you that it tends to get better with age.

I sure hope so! Most teenagers seem to not worry about consequences to anything… And I worry about fucking everything!

Are you really that young? Are you some kinda steroid savant? Wtf, Baby Doc, you’re freaking me out :exploding_head:

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