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How to Minimize/Heal Soreness?


What are the most effective ways of gettin rid of it or preventing it?

  1. protein
  2. sleep


You cant prevent it. It will happen eventually, just get used to it. But your body will also adapt, so soreness will eventually become a thing of the past basically (I havent felt in in quite some time).

Yes, protein (and overall calories help), just as sleep.

You could also try working a muscle more often with less volume in each workout.

However, I think your misunderstanding something. Though sorness doesnt mean growth, it still means your body did something that it's not used to. Just keep doing what your doing. What you really want to look out for is progress. Are you making any new PR's? Thats the real question. If not, then yes, change something. If not, then keep doing what your doing, despite soreness.

I think many guys here, full well knowing that soreness doesnt equate growth, would still love to be in your position.


If you do somethin you're body isn't used to(pushing yourself extra), you can't prevent it. But, there are a lot of techniques used to help recover faster after it,

For example steam room/sauna session, epsom(not sure if spellt right) salt baths, massage, and my own favourite alternating showers(as hot as u can take it, then as cold as u can take it, and then as the name suggests alternating).


it'll eventually stop as your body gets used to what your throwing at it.


Stretching helps a lot too, BCAAs before and after your workout will help with recovery as well.

And I disagree with what Forbes said, if your muscles are sore, that means you put your body through a new stress. When you recover from this, that does mean growth, because the next you do the routine it will be easier. That is growth.

The two biggest things are what you have listed though, food and sleep.


anyone that says your body adapts and doesnt get sore anymore, probably never heard of leg day or thats what happens to me at least

i can barely walk after most leg training sessions


BCAAs and Surge help me a lot but never really "prevent" soreness.

Why the hell do you want to prevent it? Even though I know this isn't how it works, I always feel like I put a little extra in the gym when I get sore the next day any other day than leg day.

I always get sore from leg day.


I stand by what I said. Perhaps I didnt say it right, so let me clarify. You can put your body through a new stress, but It doesn't mean your muscles will grow. First off, you need food (well duh).

You can keep your muscle ALWAYS guessing by always putting them through something different, but obviously, if the nutrients aren't there, growth wont happen. There's also progress. Lets take legs for example. And lets say my leg workout consisted of squats, leg press, leg extensions and leg curls. Suppose Im a guy that goes by soreness as my gauge of success.

After about 6 weeks of doing this program, I no longer get sore. So now i include 2 rest pauses after squats, triple drop sets for leg press, and negatives for both leg extensions and curls. The next day I'm VERY sore. However, if I keep pushing the envelop with such intensive methods just to be sore the next day, with no regards to improving, then again, my growth potential wont be as high as it could.

Again, what Im saying is that soreness means nothing without adequate food and progression. And in order to progress, you cant change things on a frequent basis, which means you'd have to stick to something for quite some time. And if one has to stick to something for a long time, then eventually that person wouldn't get sore from his exercises.


Warming up really good before you go heavy helps too.


id disagree with you on that one, actually agree and disagree,

pussy exercises like extensions and leg curls anyone can adapt,

if you keep adding weight to your squats, you should get sore (not basing anything on soreness, just saying from personal experience and from many people i know above my level),

again if u feel 100% after squatting and you are ready to go the next day again and are adding weight, good for you brah rolls eyes , ur one of the few


I never said that one would be ready to go the next day. And to do squats the next day while adding weight is something i didn't say either.

I squat once a week, while also include leg extensions in my routine. The next day, Im not sore, but im not ready to do squats again either. Again, you can't just go by muscle fatigue. There's also neural fatigue to consider.

Even though Im not sore, I still manage to add weight to my squats, while also adding weight to my body, and inches to my thighs.


Well, I see what you're saying forbes. But for example, I am doing the Smolov squat program now and it has you squat heavy 4 days a week. I am sore every day I get under that bar and still do more squats. Still progressing every day, increasing the load like it says to.

And I will say I have never seen results like I do now. Both by numbers and body mass.

Now I have never experienced pain like this ever from a workout, its brutal. But this coming week I will be squatting 15 lbs below my previous max for 10x3. And it has only been about 4 weeks since I tested that previous max. That is insane progress in my opinion.


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Once soreness sets in,I feel like massage is the most powerful if not the only serious alleviation. I feel like it can take off a day of recovery time.


I do agree to forbes, but I also believe there are 2 parts to the story.

When I squatted 3x a week, there was pretty much no soreness because of the adaptation. Now I went onto 5x5 and I get sore for squats, but not really on other lifts. I upped some volume slightly and experienced massive soreness. Not being used to it, I came running here to find a way how to stop it!

I'll lift similarly for a few weeks and see how it goes.


What happens if you are sore and delay your nutrition for a few days- does it heal over that time or does your muscle continue to break down if certain nutrients aren't in after a certain timeframe?


This is a pretty cool article:



i would rate fish oil higher than PWO protein supplementation for relieving DOMS