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How to Minimize Effects of Protocol Changes?

Is there anyway I can minimise the unwanted effects I experience of protocol changes?

I crash really bad and feel so tired that I can’t properly function, this literally happens anytime I change or amend my protocol.

Reason I ask is I will be switching from Testosterone Cypionate shortly from Testosterone Enanthate.

I’m currently at 75mg week of E split into two doses.

I will be hopefully trying 90mg a week of Cypionate after dropping HCG.

Should I continue the twice a week injections or try a different injection protocol with the Cypionate.

My SHBG is 13nmol/l so very low.

I struggle with libido on Enanthate which is why I’m going to try Cypionate as I have heard for some people it can be a lot better.

I recently trialled one shot of 10mg Propionate a couple of weeks ago and man that was crazy! Lol! Hit me like train and libido was through the roof!

I’ve also heard that some people like the 1 big dose of testosterone a week to get that spike or hit from the testosterone?

Any help, advice as always is appreciated, I have looked through virtually every thread on here and everyone on here seems to be clued up and the best when it comes to advice etc :slight_smile:

That doesn’t even qualify as a protocol change. The difference between those two esters is so imperceptible that you’re doing yourself more harm by worrying about it than the actual change itself will cause.

Those people are making up stories. Nobody can tell the difference between the two esters.

Mine is similarly low and I like small daily doses. I’m able to use a lot less and still get the same kind of results as I did at double the dose. It may be worth exploring.

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What are you asking and to whom is it directed?

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With your low SHBG where do you have your TT and FT?

I’ve read a lot of low shbg guys have lower TT as FT is still high.

The important thing is not making too many changes within a short period of time, meaning every couple of weeks. Doing this will make your life a living hell as your body is continuously forced to re-adjust too frequently.

There is no way around having your body re-adapted to changes in protocols.

I can absolutely tell the difference between the two esters and it’s not a small difference either. I even aromatase more on the cypionate v.s the enanthate, this is the difference.

How do you know that a person can’t tell the difference between these two esters?

I’m hoping the Cypionate will be better, just not sure if I should continue my every 3.5 day protocol or change the frequency.

It’s the tiredness that I hate the most, it really affects me, each day is a struggle u too it settles down.

Also I notice when my levels get too high it’s the opposite, I can’t sleep lol! It’s a nightmare trying to figure everything out.

The frequency is usually the issue when guys are having problems dialing in.

I couldn’t sleep at all 1-2x weekly no matter how high my levels were, but as I moved towards EOD and daily, my sleep improved dramatically. Sleep is better on the daily protocol v.s the EOD.

It might not be the higher levels causing the sleep issues, but the large hormonal swings injecting moderate doses twice weekly.

What frequency do you find best libido with, also if I remember correctly you are low shbg too? Where do you find you feel best with TT and FT?

Last lab:


Ok, some people can. Some people also can hear microwave frequencies, have seen Elvis at their local mall, and are positive Bigfoot lives in their neighborhood. My statement was about the general population and not the Alex Jones crowd.

(Adding this here so you know I’m just busting your balls and not actually calling you an insane person)

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How do you feel? And do you feel any different when your numbers go up or down from where they are?

I notice zero difference between TT 700 and TT 1,100. Only when I get down into the mid-400’s do I start to feel the change. I dropped my dose really low, just to try to test the floor. At 60mg my recovery got bad and my morning workouts became much more difficult. Even a few weeks of adjusting back up and I feel a lot better.

What about libido?

I’m still trying to figure out my ideal numbers, when I’m lower 400’s I feel great except libido

I’m 38, my wife is 22. Libido is not an issue. And truthfully that was never an issue, even with my low test numbers pre-trt. If I went by bedroom performance alone I’d have never gotten on trt. So I’m not the right test subject when it comes to that particular aspect of treatment.

Appreciate all your replies bud!

Do you use HCG or simply T only with no other supplements?

I use hcg twice a week at 500iu each. Probably should go eod at a smaller dose, but I’m a lazy man and don’t need to keep adding to my growing stockpile of used insulin syringes.

I recently dropped HCG, it makes me feel like death, just doesn’t agree with me, how you find it?