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How to Mellow Post HIT/Strongman?

Hey guys…I have started a H.I.T./ Strongman program that goes twice a week it combines regular lifting circuits with strongman implements and so far…I have already made the best progress of my life!

Ok here’s the rub…After the workouts I crash hard…it’s a really rough ride home and after driving my 15 minutes i am pretty much useless for the rest of the day. My muscles feel like they are on fire yet I can’t move them…also even though i can tell my nervous system is SHOT, my mind is still racing (I think my T-levels have gone astronomical since starting this program).

What can I take to help me chill out? My workout took place around 2:30, it’s now about 7:15 and I am only beginning to feel “calm”.

But just so you know:

  • I take one scoop Power Drive in 4 ounces of water 30 minutes pre workout.

  • I also take two and a half scoops of Surge mixed with one scoop Low-Carb Grow! for post workout.

Also does anyone know the proper dosage of the baking soda “trick”. Supposedly taking baking soda mixed with water helps cut down on the lactic acid build up in your muscles. Although I also heard it can induce explosive crapping. Anyway…Thanks for your help.

p.s. - I searched for the baking soda trick but nothing showed up, is anyone else having trouble with the search function??

Thanks alot fellas!

  • Doom

I suppose that you do something like Dr Ken Leistner’s workouts eg. compound movements for high reps (10-15), probably rest-paused or forced near the end, short or no rest between movements, finishing everything with something like farmer’s walks, sandbag carry or maybe some static work. Am I close?

If that’s what you’re doing, you’re bound to run out of your recovery capacity, sooner or later, using supplements or not. Stay with it while the gains are coming, but when you start feeling fatigued and unwilling to train, switch to something like max strenght work.

that’s it exactly. I am making awesome gains and wanted to stick with it for another couple of months before time off became necessary. there isn’t anything i could take to help in the mean time? my appetite has gone through the the roof. i have included (95% lean) red meat at least twice a week due to it being able to reduce severe soreness. The gains are coming fast, I just want to be able stick to it till the end of septmenber where im sure ill need a break.