How to measure your arms

when talkng about how big of arms you got, or biceps however you may call it, how do you go about measuring, is it the whole upper arm your measuring, or is it just one side from top to bottom, i’m sorry i’ve never actaully measured my biceps/arms…cause when u hear that some bodybuilders have 20 inch arms or even 15, it has to be the whole size of the arm, there is no way its just the one side, please help.

sorry i forgot to mention, i just tried measuring my arms, and i did it measuring the whole arm, all the way around, considering i havent worked out before, now i’m just starting, i’m at 10 inches, if i’m doing it right, which is pretty damn small, but i think its pretty good for a guy not working out. but thats if i measured the right way.

The search engine is an amazing thing. Go look up “The Truth About Arm Measurements” by Poliquin. It’s in the previous issues section somewhere.

Make sure your arm is flexed (you’re “making a muscle”) when you take the measurement. Most
bodypart measurements are unflexed, but the arms are an exception.