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How to Manipulate Assistance After Bench Problems?

i am running the full body 1000% awesome from the forever book.
On the last 2 weeks of the second cicle i had problems with my bench, i felt it uncomfortable, i had less bar controll, the bar speed decreesed and i felt my chest/tricpes muscle tired.
All the other lifts were ok, escpecially the press.
I will not increase the weight for the next cicle of my bench, but i also think it would be usefull to manipulate the volume of my pushing assistance work.
I did 5x10 DB bench on day 1 (after 5x5@80%) and 4x10 of dips on day 3 (5/3/1 bench day). Just some pushups on day 2.
What and how can i change trying to improve my bench performance?