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How to Manage Coffee Usage Better?

2A here, with good lifestyle and perfect sleep, but…

I LOVE caffeine. Makes me confident, happy, productive… You maybe know yourself as 2A… Colors are better, music is better, ringing bells in you ears, ideas flowing…

I consume 1 coffee in the morning pre-workout, 1 tea/yerba in the afternoon (2 spoons of herb, few water infusions).

Sometimes when ill or not working out I switch for some non-caffeinated herbs, like different ginsengs…

When I do low or not caffeine day, I can life with being tired and bored… But at the end of a day, nothing is done. Even after few days like this, I am just overall worse person, who wasted week doing nothing. After break caffeine is stronger, but overall its not worth it.

Some coffee and tea can be healthy, so I dont want to stop completely, but I am aware of side effects (you even mention some in your thibarmy videos about stimulants).

Do you please have some suggestions and biohacks, how to keep caffeine addiction and tolerance in check, lower negatives and raise positives?

Try taking 5-7g of tyrosine on an empty stomach in the morning. Wait 30 min and tell me how you feel (this will help me help you).

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Thanks! Its just mildly stimulating

2 hours after l-tyrosine, I had breakfast and now I feel anxious

I have had a similar experience with caffeine. I believe I am a 2A which I assume would make me very sensitive to caffeine, but I tend to get desensitized and burned out on caffeine and use more and more. Similar experiences with ephedra and nicotine in the past. I no longer use nicotine or ephedra and within 2 weeks without caffeine my workouts were back on track with what I was doing with it, but I get sleepy after training in the morning, I will train around 8:00 and feel like I need a nap around 11:00. I AM sleeping better at night which is improving my mood to some extent.

How does tyrosine work? Where do you get it? When I quit caffeine this month, I tried to do neural charge workouts to improve my mood. My test was low-ish and my sleep quality was poor and 3 weeks off of caffeine my test is up 75%, but still could be better.

As I type 2 I see myself as a stimulus addict-I feel depressed and anxious even if I take a planned day off of training and pairing caffeine with training just seems to compound the addiction effect.

Can tyrosine help when you quit caffeine?

just quit cafeine and live with the ‘‘detox’’ for few weeks and after that you will feel like a brand new man…what’s the problem there ? you look like a old toxicomane who can’t leave without speed

Its possibility too bigmax, but coffee, tea, yerba and chocolate have health benefits + they are tasty and fun to made.

This is an interesting discussion and I’m curious what 5-7 g tyrosine on an empty stomach signifies. I take tyrosine on training days, but usually not first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I also use caffeine before workouts and find I don’t have the same focus or energy without it; though, I totally entertain the idea that a prolonged detox period may “fix” this need.

Amino acids competes in lottery to get into brain, so taking it on the empty stomach can have stronger effect?

I am now doing tyrosine every morning, it helps to bridge the time till coffee :smiley: (which I drink after breakfast before training).

So what are possible reactions to tyrosine and what are they telling about people?