How to Make WPI More Tasty?

I have received of my brother a substantial quantity of wpi. Unfortunately it is just plain, and i have a hard time dealing with it at work. At home im fine because i have a trusty blender so i can thro anything in it.

Im looking for some idea’s of what I can add to the powder itself that is good. preferably so i can make this mix up, and add work put it in a shaker and add water.

any suggestions?

Buy some Metabolic Drive and try blending it 50/50.

I did this with some milk protein isolate that was given to me.

2 Tbsp natty PB

Hot Chocolate powder, if the carbs are in your diet

Power Drive gives plain whey a little citrus flavor

blend up your shakes before you leave the house, add whatever you would normally add, then blend, then throw some ice in it to keep it cold, and go.

Buy some crystal lite in a strong flavor like raspberry and mix them in with your shake at work.

A drop of Vanilla Extract