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How to Make Protein Powder Not Taste Bad?

I got some protein powder (actually my grandmother did but she didn’t like it so I got it) how to make it not taste like chalk?

After taking a sip of cheap protein lel

Unlucky mane. If you can’t down it fast enough to avoid the taste or something maybe mix the protein with chocolate/strawberry milk so that the shake pretty much tastes like the latter

Mix it with basically anything that can be mixed? Protein powder with just water or milk is gross, just make a shake that you like and throw in powder.

So I should blend it with salt and soy sauce and berries? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah why not. If you like those ingredients when they are mixed and they mix well with the powder, go for it.

Hersheys chocolate syrup.

Funnel it straight into your bum hole, bypass your taste buds completely.

If that’s not for you then try the suggestions above.


Hershey’s syrup and instant folgers coffee with milk

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If it taste like chalk it’s a cheap brand. I’ve used them for years. I’m the early days they all tasted like that but today there are many quality protein powders that taste very good.