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How to Make Landing Pads for Dropped Weights/Stones?

Rogue Fitness made a nice documentary about Strongman training and competitions of Basque Country:

On YouTube:
LEVANTADORES - The Basque Strongman - A documentary film

Various scenes feature these seemingly home made landing pads to drop weights on.

They seem to be assembled from tires, filling material also seen in judo mats, a robust plastic cover attached with strings and metal rings that are drilled into the tires.

How are they made and do they have a name?

Are there tutorials on how to make them?

Have you made one?


In action (GIF):


They can take quite a hit and the cover is very robust. It looks like the material used to cover cargo trucks.

Looks like a good quality tarp.

If I were to make this then it would probably be a:

  • small tarp about the size of the tire (slightly bigger)
  • horse stall mat or similar hard rubber
  • eye bolts (could get away with screws)
  • foam/padding/old towels of some description
  • tire
  • rope

Place the tire on the ground
Place the mat on the tire
Lay out your tarp and mark out where the ringlets are
Drill a hole big enough for the eye bolts at each mark
Thread the bolts through the tire and Matt and secure them
Put as much padding as required on the mat
Lay the tarp over
Thread the rope through the tarp and ringlets (probably want to offset so each ringlet sits halfway between each eye bolts)
Pull the rope taut and tie the ends together tightly
Trim any excess rope.

But we just use a tire and horse stall mat. That works a treat and the tire can be used for logs, DBs, etc and minimises the chances of it rolling in a direction you don’t want.

Brian Alsruhe has a stack of high density foam mats (commonly used for martial arts and children’s flooring) trimmed, stuck together and placed in a box that’s about 10" high, that’s a very neat solution.

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Interesting. I haven’t seen Brian Alsruhe’s set up in any of his videos. Do you remember the topic of the video? Atlas Stones he just drops on the floor.

Sorry, can’t remember but whenever they do stones with the yoke, it is there.

You meant this blue thing?