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How to make high carbs work???

A friend of mine lost his job about 2 months ago and, as a result, had to tighten his belt.

I went to see him the other day after 2 months and noticed that he had gained weight. Due to his financial difficulties he had been living on a lot of cheap carbs rather than meat. My friends predicament got me thinking.

My question is this. If one were to follow the high carb route what would be the best type of workout to follow to keep yourself from gaining weight or, in fact, lose weight? Is it possible?

All opinons and thoughts welcome.

Try to consume the carbs in the post workout meals only.

One, get the carbs from veggies and fruits and avoid crappy starches etc. Read my HOC article here at t-mag for some killer cardio routines.

Mike Mahler

Fact is he will simply have to watch his caloric intake while consuming these less than optimal sources.

No matter what training is done if to much is consumed you will get fat.


Pretty much what I figured guys. I figure that the calories will have to be lower and the carbs taken from non stacrhy sources.

HOC would be a great idea for him as he doesnt have access to any particularly heavy weights at the moment. I was going to recommend something along the lines of the old 8x8 routine by Vince Gironda as the volume and tempo would be great for whipping him into shape.

Stock up on veggies!