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How to Make Doc Increase the Dose


I am going to try something since I don’t trust doctors where I am and since they don’t work with you.

I already have 50mg enanthate a week in my fridge for a while (8 months). That amount will put me in the mid range 3 day after the injection maybe? Then the doctor will call it good. I don’t think he is free to do anything really.

I want to see what the upper limit feels like to really know the difference. I already tested in the mid range once (but it was the exception), and the doctor wasn’t impressed (25th percentile he said). I don’t want to run out of anything at anytime in the next months if it works and I don’t want to buy anything illegal at any point. So I need to make 100mg look like 50mg basically. I will need to make the doctor prescribe 100mg.

It would be my first shot ever. I have two sheet for test: one for before the injection and one 2 or 3 day after, don’t remember.

I was thinking of injecting 25mg instead but I am worried he will see through it. That would be the main reason why they want to give you 1 dose weekly intramuscular by a nurse instead of self-injection since they are scared of people doing like me. What would be a good amount so it isn’t obvious and it’s low enough? 30 mg? 15 mg? or else.

This is aimed at you, you are the driving force of this sub-forum and a great guy, etc.


Explain that you want high-normal steady T levels and that injecting 50mg twice a week SC/SQ will work very well.

Did I already ask if there were cash docs outside of the provincial system? Why is this a new thread without prior context. Things do not work well as a chat room with new topics all of the time. You are the topic, please try to stay in one place so I do not need to repeat myself or go on easter egg hunts to see what has happened.


There is private doctors but it’s only for faster treatment.

From what I know it hardly makes a difference in term of what the treatment is.

Will it be obvious if I inject a smaller amount?


So you suspect that docs there focus on 50mg/week and mid level TT lab results. Are you certain or just “from what I know”?



Well now I am sure, but it was getting obvious.

from http://www.cmaj.ca/content/187/18/13692:

‘‘The goal of testosterone treatment is improvement in symptoms and achievement of eugonadal levels of testosterone, about in the mid-normal range for healthy young men (14–17.5 nmol/L)’’

and from http://www.cmaj.ca/content/187/18/13422:

''European Association of Urology and the International Society for Sexual Medicine set parameters that men with a total testosterone level of less than 8 nmol/L will usually benefit from treatment and that a trial of therapy may be indicated for those with levels between 8 and 12 nmol/L in the presence of substantial symptoms

Pretty nice posts,

I am pretty much a 10-12nmol/L guy, and I tested at 18 nmol/L once out of 10 maybe (pretty sure it was a temporary effect due to p0rn)

Mid range isn’t going to do much difference I think.

Qc isn’t like the USA where you pay directly and have some sort of leverage because of that. Sheeps don’t have anything to say on how they get mowed.

So am I going to burn myself with that guy if I do 25 mg instead of 50 mg and don’t tell him? I don’t have another year to wait for someone else who is going to end up doing the exact same thing.


You cannot expect that anyone will advise on that. You are looking at a lifetime of doing that.


I will probably only do a trial anyway.

No one will find out as no one will really care and no one investigates hard on anything or put the dots together with other doctors.

Pretty easy to play dumb with it if you get caught as we are all dumbshits to them and no instructions are ever clearly given. No reason for me to not be uneducated enough to not know how to read properly the measures on the syringue or else.

Plus when I get the means I will get treated in the USA.

I dont think TRT with any dose is advisable anyway, I just want to know if it is obvious or not if someone injects a smaller amount. I know some are hypermetabolizer, but is there only one kind of hypermetabolizer or a spectrum and do endos know about it?


Anyone else?

I am going to finally start tomorrow probably.

25mg 2x week for the blood tests (legit 50 mg a week as he wants, no lies ever told)

Then I’ll increase the dose a bit for a couple of weeks, to MAX 200mg a week for a maximum 3 months, but in less than 1 month I will probably be settled.

No PCT planified right now. PCT doesn’t exists anyway right? (for the doctors that is)

Don’t have much to lose as every year it seems like I am more degenerated than the one before.

If anything magical happens let it be known I can

Deadlift low 600’s,
Front squat low 400’s ,
DB bench 150lbs*6-7,
DB shoulder press 115-125 lbs,
Neutral chin 180+ lbs,
Barbell row 400+lbs, DB row 250lbs for reps,
DB hammer curl 100+

as a natural low test guy


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