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How to Make Chicken Wings Tastier


Hi. I am on a bulking diet. I tried eating grilled chicken breast before as one of my meals but it tasted too rubbery and dry - in short, inedible. I then tried chicken wings - and they were better, but not by much. Plus they burnt a little and tasted bitter (I grilled them on a grill plate placed over my gas stove). Can anyone suggest another way of preparing them so that they taste better? Should I fry them? I am skinny and on a bulking diet so while I try to eat clean it's not a priority. Thanks!


I'm pretty sure most people are going to say eat beef and ditch the chicken. Or at least eat both.


I am in India and here it is nearly impossible to find beef. Can I substitute mutton for it?


I guess? I've never had mutton, but I'm assuming most meet is relatively similar. If you're bulking just eat as much as you can (within reason) and to do that eat things you think taste good (but aren't too bad for you).


Alright, thanks very much! Though I would still appreciate if someone tells me if I can fry chicken wings (or do something else to them) to make them more palatable.


Oh right, I'd forgotten about the initial question. I usually put my chicken in olive oil in the frying pan. Also, adding eggs to the chicken makes them much juicier.


ok I do not know if you can get this there,but Ill throw this out there for everyone else who can.

cook up the wings in an oven with little salt and pepper.

in a pot you take a mixture of half real butter and half Franks Red Hot sauce.
no other will work only Frank's

taste the sauce if if you want hotter add more hot sauce if you want less hot more butter

when wings are done put wings in a container with lid cover with desired amount of sauce and shake but wait till the wings cool a bit or the sauce wont stick to them very well

serve with more of the cool sauce to dip in. and ranch

mmm hot wings
and yes mutton is perfectly fine,IIRC it has slightly more protein then beef and more fat which is not bad fat either.
I love mutton BTW


Don't give up on chicken breasts. Best things in the world once you figure out what works with your oven/cookware.


MaddyD, I do have a mircowave oven, I'll try the recipe you suggested, thanks!

Chimera, cooking them with olive oil also seems like a great idea - I'll try that.

HoratioSandoval, I'll keep that in mind, ta!


Dude, you can't use a fucking microwave. Use a real fucking oven, 425 farenheit, 26 minutes, flip, 26 minutes, Frank's Red Hot, no fucking butter, and thank me later.

I put away at least twenty wings a week.

Even while cutting.




dude butter for the bulk.
some people are wimps though and need that butter.
myself I put Frank's and Tabasco on EVERYTHING.


frying will make anything good.

on the wings try marinating in something like olive oil, tequila, lime juice then grill, re-coat them often during cooking.


eat the chicken breasts. wuss.

hot sauce is fantastic for ANYthing


if the chicken is rubbery and dry you probably just cooked it too long. as far as the mutton is concerned, i wouldn't replace chicken with it, but you can certainly eat both.


I actually like the EXtra Hot Frank's better. At first it was a little intense, but now I think it's perfect. I like the green Tabasco because it has more flavor.


Does the Franks hot sauce have comparable flavor to what you might find with some good hot wings at a restaurant, and I can easily find it at a grocery store right?

Loooooove hot wings... I'm going to try making some this weekend. Does anyone add flour to the mix or just stick to the hot sauce?


Yes and yes. I think a lot of places actually use Frank's.


Thanks for your replies guys. I will try all those things


If you have a broiler in your oven learn to use it.

For chicken breasts it almost always comes out better than the grill. It is also fast and very easy to replicate once you know your oven.

Something as simple as olive oil salt and pepper with a little lemon juice and parsley after it is done is amazing.