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How to Make Best Use of my Time?

So I work an odd schedule doing manual labor, I work M-W: 5am-5-pm Thurs: 5 am-9am, then I’m off until Monday. So as far as I’m concerned M-W is shot. I’m pretty strong, my bodyweight is 175 at 5’11 and maxes are OHP 175 DL 425 Squat 320 and Bench 250 all at the age of 30. I’d like to just keep building strength and improving my conditioning. So I lift (Doing Fierce 5) Thursday & Saturday and do cardio on Friday with an off day Sunday. I can’t help but feel like I’m not using my time as efficiently as I could be. I’d like to use a 5/3/1 style program, but can’t find a way to program it properly (I am definitely open to other suggestions). Feel free to reference 5/3/1 and Beyond as I own a copy. What are your recommendations?

Where exactly are you having the issue fitting the programming in?

You literally have 5 straight days where you can train.

Thursday- Bench
Friday-Rest or conditioning

If you only want to lift 2 times a week. Just pick two days a week and either do one main lift a day or two main lifts a day.

Or you could even lift 3 days a week on Wed, Fri, and Sunday and put two main lifts on one day. Or just follow a typical 531 cycle and repeat each lift every 9 days instead of 7.

I cant see a problem here at all, if you have the book your answer lies within not on a forum