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How to Make Best Use of Iphone


I just bought an Iphone. I trust you gentlemen will know what the absolute most radical thing that can be done with it is... Anyone care to share what awesome things I can now do?


I love Shazaam and the iPhone carpenter. Now I have a plumb bob everywhere I go.


Oh, and it's good for posting on T-Nation at stop lights. :wink:



best fucking thing ever. you'll never have to make a playlist for the gym, or anytime for that matter.


Throw it in the trash and get a BlackBerry.

Yeah, I just went there.


LoseIt so much easier to track calories and macros now.


My law firm won't pay for BlackBerry's proprietary software, so it is Palm, iPhone, or nada.


pandora is sick, and the facebook app is like the old facebook. other than that, nothing special


High five.


whatever you do, don't be a pussy and put it in a case


DAYUM RITE! Can't be the Black B! It was my lifeline, best friend, psychiatrist, and connection to the nation during my 100 days of darkness.


iFart, the app. Fart sounds with names like Jack the Ripper and the Brown Mosquito never get old lol...


I also have a Cylon detector.


Toodledo task manager



Tap Tap Revenge

Heavy Mach


take pics of girls at the beach then post them on the forums


Does it have copy/paste yet?


Throw it in the bin.


Nope, and that is definitely annoying.


what would you need to copy/paste?


I'd settle for not having to email photos and go to that crappy site viewmymessage.com