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How to Make a Sled?


I tried making a sled out of wood and a tire, but i have no idea how to keep the rope secured down in it! and on top of that, its top heavy when i put in the weight and it just falls on its face... so it didnt work out so well...anyone have any good sites on how to make your own sled to drag around?


I don't know any sites, but I just looped the rope (actually, I used an old karate belt) right around the tire itself, almost like you'd do a tire swing. The karate belt ties onto a big weight belt that I wear somewhat loosely, and it's worked.

Maybe if you could figure a way to get the weights to stay lower, rather than high enough to tip over. I just stuff a medicine ball or two and a pair of kettlebells in the empty channel, and they stay fine.


Have you thought of using a drill to put a hole into the tire? You could then put an "i" bolt thru the hole. You would have to have to have a washer and a nut on either side to keep the bolt in place. Then you could tie your rope to the bolt.


Yup. The eye bolt thing works. Jam a piece of plywood into the center of the tire so you can add bricks, sandbags, rocks, dead cats, or anything that's heavy.

I just use old skids.



You can also use one of those round snow saucers. Drill a hole, atach a rope and go. Thats if you live in a place that gets snow. Even though its summer, if you go to a hardware store they probably have some in storage for the next season.


I'll take detailed pictures of mine tomorrow and post it here.


brilliant. thanks!


I just got a plastic rubbermaid "box" about 5 inches deep, 12 wide and 24 long and poked holes near the bottom and reinforced it with a board. I haven't put too much in, but I think close to 150 pounds.


My husband built mine out of hard oak 4 X 4's , then bolted a metal flange to the top in which one could screw in a one inch pipe. Then two eye bolts on the front for connecting the chains to. There is a picture of it in the My New Sled thread on the Vixen forum.