How to Make a Keg for Strongman

I just uploaded this video about how to make a keg for strongman. How to get them, how to open them and what to fill them with. If you guys are invested, check it out. If you like it, subscribe to my channel. Thanks guys!

That was actually really helpful. If I wanted it to weigh ~150lbs, what would you recommend filling it with, sand?

I’ve made a 185lb keg filling it with just sand, and not even all the way up. Sand can go a long way for sure.

Great stuff Alpha. The keg is such an awesome training implement. More people need them.

Thanks fellas! And like Pwnisher said, sand would be prefect.

Great video!

More general question related to kegs: If you have only one keg (budget and space restrictions) would you make a lighter keg for clean and press or a heavier one for carries?

Thanks brother! If I was only going to make one, I’d go moderately heavy between the two. That way you can clean and press for low reps, carry for long distances, and load them to a platform for high reps. You can always add or lose sand also. It may be a pain to do so, but if you only had one keg, you could definitely manipulate it from week to week or even workout to workout.

Thanks Alpha, I will do as you say in about one or two months. Depending on weather, money and time availability.

Hey Alpha I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a while, and love the videos. I had no idea you were the same guy that I always see on the forums until you posted this video. Quick question I called around to different beer places, and the cheapest I can find a keg is $50. Is that about the usual price? Thanks and keep up the good work.

You could also fill it with pea gravel. One bag is about 50lbs and $3. You could easily fit 5 bags in a keg

@matt_t2004 Hahaha thank man, I appreciate the support! And yea, I’d say $40-$50 Dollars is about what they will run you.