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How to Make a Compact Heavy Dumbbell?


I use DB, I take large elastics and increment 5lbs on each side (same diameter).

It’s starting to get to a point where it’s almost on the verge of being too large for presses (DB knock up when arms are extended).

Anyone has the answer to this? I was thinking along with other things of maybe cutting a half diameter in 5lbs circle to insert in the middle instead, but I dont know if the lack of space for the hands would hinder me.


Do you have a picture? I’m having trouble understanding your post. I have dumbells that can hold 200lbs.

Where do you put bands on a dumbell?


I don’t have a picture.

Weight isn’t the problem, I have crafted up to 270lbs for rows. It’s only a bunch of large elastics that squeeze a ‘‘nickel’’ on the exterior of 120 or 125lbs DB. It’s not bands, but very large sized ‘‘office’’ elastics (like 1 inch width). One layer with elastic (130 or 135), then another layer with other elastics (140 or 145), etc. Works very well and doesn’t move.

Gets too long for DB presses specifically. If I could get one inside I could last for a while before it would get too long again.

Lots of fun


That’s true for all his posts.

Jasmini, as usual, what are you trying to do?


It sounds like you’re into uncharted, or at least uncommon territory with your DB press.

Sorry, I got nothing for you.