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How To Make 40 Yard Dash Faster In 3 Months?


I am 270lbs have been trying to get my 40 time down from a 5.08 to 4.65 (my original) time. The last time I ran this fast was in high school and now it’s been ten years since. How can I get it back down to my original speed?
Thanks in advance


Lose 20-30 pounds of bodyfat. Your relative strength, speed, and power will increase if it’s done with a well-designed plan. The same way pull-ups get “easier” when people lose fat, same idea for running speed.

This approach is a start. What does your current training (weights and cardio) and nutrition look like? Also, for context, how tall are you?


How tall are you? -unless like 6’5+ I would get your body weight right down by say 30lbs minimum.
Something like this Thib template below would be a good base program(could also ask him in his forum) and then get an a book/product by a combine prep guy like Joe Defranco for technical cues for the 40


Run up hill.


How long have you been “back” also…as others have said, you need to lose some poundage and evaluate your diet, but need to know what’s your current foundation. Also, how much time are you setting aside to do this, and how much sleep do you get. Plus do you have a time frame, and why is this your goal in order to help with motivation


Curious why dont you guys mention a jump rope. That little thing has so much to offer


Not for someone weighing 270 pounds it doesn’t. It’s too high impact, so the risk:reward isn’t worth it for fat loss. It also won’t do much, if anything, to help his sprinting speed.