How to maintain through a vacation

This week I PRed on bench. Nothing exceptional as bench is my worst but still a gain is a gain and I don’t want to lose it. In 3 weeks from now I’ll be going away for the holidays for 2 and a half weeks. SO I have three workouts left and then I’ll be missing three workouts to come back just in time for New Years.

Since I’ve started training I’ve never really missed many days or been in a situation where I just PRed and know I’ll be missing time up ahead. Any tips on what I should do for the next 3 weeks to maintain this PR number as much as possible so I can hopefully start the next cycle of my bench plan when I get back without regression?

isometric bench press , 3 positions pushing the wall ,hold every position up to 5sec. super set with pylo pushup do it for 2 weeks of your holidays, and well, give your self time to recover :slight_smile: sometimes it is the best option to not do anything + when you will come back, start little lower than your max and work up to bigger PR during the first two months.

Thanks I might not have been to clear, I doubt I’ll do anything while gone. I more meant what should I do for the next 3 weeks I have here since it isn’t enough time to PR again but I shouldn’t just stop.

Before I take vacation I try to overreach by establishing new a new 1RM or 3RM and the following week of 20RM and pushing my assistance to failure. It makes the vacation a nice deload.