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How to Maintain Leg Mass?


After a period of about a month of intense leg work, I'm switching to more intense upper body work. I play soccer once or twice a week, and basketball once a week. My legs get a workout from this, but a different type of workout. I am worried about losing muscle mass in my legs. Squat once every two weeks? Every week? What should I do to preserve my leg gains?


I'd say Squat 1/week heavy weights with lower (3-5) rep range. Also do some unilateral work 6-10 rep range either on the same day or later in the week. Just dont go overboard. Also eat more.


I would at least do one leg workout per week with low volume and higher weight and low reps.

Something simple like:

Squat 5x5
Stiff-legged deadlift 5x5

Lunges 2-3x8-10
Leg curls 2-3x5-8


agree heavy once a week OR go for the whole frequency craze of late and do a few sets 2-3 HEAVY of One big leg movment, a squat or DL variation. These Need to be HEAVY to ofset the running etc and hopefully holfd onto the strngth and mass you have attained.