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How to Maintain and Lean Out?


Ok, so I've been making some pretty good progress since I started lifting seriously 10 months ago, and now weigh in the 200-205 range at 5'11. The problem is, I've noticed I seem to gain weight as my bench press/squat go up, so I always end up benching 10-15 lbs more then my bw for 5-6 reps & squatting 40-60 lbs greater then my bw for reps.

Now that I'm a little over 200 lbs, how can I maintain and get leaner without losing/gaining any weight, while building relative strength?? right now I look more bulkier and not very lean. Also, just to add, I do little to no cardio other then taking my dog for long walks twice a week, but I eat pretty clean while taking in about 185-200+g of protein per day.


Post your diet and workout, no one will be able to help you without a little more information.


you gotta do some more cardio; just some more. doesn't mean "sit on exerciese bike for 45min" ... nah; that's boring.

get a punching bag and rock that for a15-20min a few times a week, race your dog haha, sprints...there are alot of general physcial preparedness (GPP) things you can do to burn calories.

throw the diet up here and that'll help us determine where you can change things.

leaning out a little bit isn't that hard, tnation can help.


You're generally going to lose strength when getting leaner since you will need to be in a calorie deficit(for fat loss) and will have less energy when you lift. Just try and keep the weight as heavy as possible during that period.


If your goal is to get leaner, you have to accept the fact that you MAY lose size and/or strength - especially, with all things being the same, you use cardio to create the caloric deficit necessary to drop BF.

What are your specific body composition goals, what does your diet look like, and what is your current training routine?


What everyone has said is correct. During a cut phase you will most likely lose some strength. The key is the minimize the loss. I am not trying to knock on you, but putting up BW+15 on the bench and BW+70 on a squat is not exactly impressive. I would personally get those lifts up before you consider a cut, but thats just me. Do not take this as an insult, because honestly, that is what my lifts are too!

I think these are good multipliers, assuming you can pull these for 3-5 reps.

Bench = 1.25 x BW
Squat = 1.5 x BW
Deadlift = 2 x BW

Personally, I think once you meet these requirements, a cut would leave you totally ripped.