How to lower testosterone for saliva test?

I’m 23yr old. Barely overweight. So I’ve been trying to get TRT from my doctor but had no luck. Had a blood test come back with bioavailable testosterone at 1.93 with range being 2.5- 10, but he wanted me to try another test in a month and then it came back 2.9. He’s not willing to do TRT he thinks I can get to top of range naturally.

So now I have an appointment with a wellness clinic that will most likely treat me but I want to make sure the test comes back as low as it can be. It’s going to be a saliva test that I do at home and then mail out to them, and wait 2 weeks for results. I’m doing very little excercise and will be doing only 5-6 hours of sleep the week leading up to the test. I will also be staying up as late as possible when I do the test at home. Any other ways to lower the results?

I have a varicocele and will be getting a consultation with a urologist on that but surgery could take a year ( in Canada) and if that’s the case I want TRT to be an option while I wait. Suffering from the classic symtoms, no morning erections, low libido, weak erections, timid personality/ depression, and less energy.

Let me know what you guys think please and thanks.

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