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How to Lower Test Dose Mid-Cycle Based on Ester?

Hello all, long time lurker never posted because most of my questions have answers that can be found by a simple search here. However I’m having some trouble finding the answer across all boards to my question.

Currently running sust250 at 1ml 2x a week. (500 weekly)

4 weeks into the cycle and want to add tren E.

I have had good luck with my tren higher dosed then my test so I want to follow same protocol here but am confused on when to introduce tren.

Should I start my tren now and right away lower my sust? Wait sometime so my test dose is low and then begin tren? Or just add tren now and lower sust when tren kicks in ?

Wanting to run tren 300-400 and sust 200-250

I think you timing issue is most effected by the 15 day half life of the 100 mgs of the deconate estered test per cc in the Sustanon. The next longest ester is the isocaproate in the concentration of 60 mgs per cc. The iso is a 9day half life.

Really you have not put a whole lot of long estered test in your body by week four.

I think that you can just start pinning the exact amount of tren and test ratio on your next scheduled pinning day. Although the sust has the deconate ester and that will linger a little bit, the ester on you tren will take some time to build up to the “anabolic threshold.” Basically once you start pinning the tren it is going to take a couple of weeks before it really gets going. That time frame between the first pin of tren e and when it kicks in should give you enough time for the test levels to lower. Provided you started your lower test dosage when you started pinning the tren.

If you are really wanting to avoid having the higher test levels when the tren kicks in then just start pinning the test at your lower dosage, wait a week then start pinning your tren (along with the lower dosage of test).

If you had been at 4 ccs per week for two months then your test levels might still be too high for your liking by the time the tren kicked in. (If you started the tren with the lower test dosage)

I do have to ask. If you knew you wanted the lower test to tren ratio, then why did you start your test so high? Heck why didn’t you just start the test and tren, at desired ratio together on day one?

That’s my two cents.